About Marilyn

Marilyn J. Evans writes. For about twenty years, she wrote research papers and grant applications. She spent another twenty years or so writing technical documents for the pharmaceutical and biologics industries. Of course, she did a lot of other stuff during those forty years, but the writing is what we care about here. Now Marilyn writes fiction. She hopes to do this for another twenty years. We’ll see how that goes.

Marilyn is more than happy to tell you all about her life, but that might bore you. Or not. She was born in north Missouri and has lived in Kansas City since about 1972, except from 2003 to 2005 when she lived in southern England. She has more hobbies than is probably good for a person. She no longer fox hunts, paints in oil, or rides side saddle. She still travels, cooks, knits, gardens, sews, shoots the occasional arrow, reads, watches cat videos, and meets with friends to dance around bonfires–but only when the moon is full.¬† And she writes, but we said that already.

About this blog

In theory this blog is about Marilyn’s writing, her novels and novella, and the writing process. The process would include the stuff that happens before, during, and after the writing, like research, creating a story, editing and revision, shopping out the work, revising it again to make the editor happy, reviewing the galleys and cover art, and promoting the finished product. Whatever else is involved is still happening, so we’ll keep you posted.

Since Marilyn owns this blog and her rather marvelous husband keeps the computer systems functioning, she is likely to do whatever she darn well pleases and post things that may be a bit random. Hopefully the readers will be patient and forgiving as long as they are amused. Again, we’ll see how that goes.